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   Michael Braunstein
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In practice since 1992

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Note: In over 25 years of practice, I have seen thousands of people make important changes in many different areas of life. I currently practice on a selective basis. Please email or call to learn more.

What can hypnosis do for you?

Of course, we always hear about weight loss programs or how people stop smoking with hypnosis. Hypnosis for smoking cessation and losing weight is very successful. And questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy often include those issues.

But did you know that millions of people use hypnosis and self-hypnosis for every purpose imaginable? People use hypnosis for childbirth, hypnosis to conquer anxiety, fear of flying and to improve athletic performance. Hypnosis is used for health issues, even pain control. People use hypnosis for irritable bowel syndrome. Stubborn health issues like migraines or chronic fatigue often respond to hypnosis. Improving memory or concentration, preparing for an important meeting or test -- people use hypnosis to help with self-confidence. Hypnosis has been known to help with stuttering and anxiety-related problems.

Now remember, it's important to realize that hypnotherapy isn't a cure for anything. Also, it's not to be mistaken for psychological counseling or psychotherapy. And it is definitely not a medical treatment. It simply takes advantage of the phenomenon of the mind/body connection to help a person make beneficial change in his or her life.

If you have a problem and you are asking yourself if hypnotherapy can help, think about this: There is nothing in your life that isn't affected by your thoughts about it. And the most powerful thoughts you have are the ones in your subconscious mind. That's where hypnosis and hypnotherapy work -- the subconscious.

It might be easier to ask what can't hypnotherapy be helpful with!
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Why does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis enlists the most powerful part of the mind -- the subconscious. It's the part where feelings and memories and beliefs reside. The other part of the mind -- the conscious or intellectual part -- is only responsible for intellectual awareness. And intellectual awareness alone does not result in therapeutic change.

Why, if intellectual awareness alone made people change, there wouldn't be a smoker on the planet! Every smoker is intellectually aware that smoking is unhealthy. It is the feeling part of the mind that guides and directs us and actually affects our behavior -- and our body.

The imagination is a powerful tool. It is most easily used with the subconscious mind, not the intellect. And the subconscious mind absolutely affects the body. That is one type of application of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Likewise, when a belief or feeling becomes entrenched in the subconscious, that fixed belief becomes like a script that dictates a repeated pattern in our life -- even if that belief isn't entirely true. If that belief is left unchanged, the pattern simply repeats. Hypnotherapy helps break that pattern in the subconscious mind.
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How powerful is the subconscious?
How can the subconscious affect the body? An example can make that clear.

If you go to a movie, plop down your money and sit in a dark theatre with few distractions, it is easy to engage your imagination and subconscious. For example, if the movie shows the dainty heroine pursued by the nasty space alien, you get anxious. And your body responds. You can feel your pulse quicken, your breathing change, and you bet, your blood pressure even cranks up a notch or two. Your palms may even get sweaty in the scarier parts!

Now, intellectually, you know it's only a movie! If the camera pulled back you would see someone holding a microphone, a cameraman and lights and a guy wiggling a rubber-suited alien monster! Intellectually you know that! But you willingly have allowed your subconscious and your imagination to accept the suggestion that the images on the screen are real -- for the purpose of entertainment. And your body responds to that, doesn't it!

The same principles of the mind are in effect with certain applications of hypnotherapy. Your mind definitely affects your body! That is one type of application of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

As part of hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis is a valuable tool that can help you tap into the subconscious. It's a recognized stress reduction strategy and shows immediate benefits.
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What's the next step?
If you are ready to make a change in your life, in whatever area, consider the power of the mind/body connection. Email or call for information about schedule availability.

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